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The show is on for theatre in Vancouver

Founded in 1974, Théâtre la Seizième is the only French language, professional theatre company in BC. A dynamic creative company that presents the most critically acclaimed shows from all over Canada. Its mainstage season features a variety of Canadian contemporary plays and it is known for regularly offering bold and innovative plays.

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BC's Francophone theatre company

Théâtre la Seizième is a small theatre company that presents some of the best Canadian French plays in Vancouver. The company is very close to its audience. The staff usually knows the names of subscribers and is not rare that the director would welcome the audience in before a performance.

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Keeping the audience up on their feet

Through the years, the challenge has being to evolve the company’s identity and overall brand positioning to appeal to all Vancouverites, not just Francophones. To help locals –and canadians in general– discover the quality of the shows and to move past the ‘outsider theatre’ image of a small company that is just for Francophone audiences. Navigating this change (to its core identity) while keeping its loyal audience-base comfortable meant engaging the community’s input, keeping them engaged and informed of our rebranding process.

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Brand expression

The result is a repositioned brand whose voice and overall identity reflect the mature and professional group they are. The French Canadian artistic signature of the company, the eclectic nature of its programming and the often provocative themes of its shows have all informed a new bold visual identity with a solid logo at the centre. With a cohesive yet flexible identity system the company’s identity anchors each season’s special flavour to keep things fresh and relevant.

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"Imposing and well-proportioned, the new logo marks the maturity and sturdiness acquired over the years by B.C.’s only French-language theatre company."

board of directors— Théâtre la Seizième

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