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Creating a sustainable luxury destination brand

A breathtakingly beautiful private island, Tetiaroa is an atoll composed of a dozen small islands surrounding a sparkling lagoon, a short 20-minute flight from Tahiti. Persona helped shape the conceptual platform that brought Tetiaroa's masterplan story to life.

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Marrying luxury and sustainability

The islands of French Polynesia are some of the most beautiful in the world, yet they're some of the most difficult to get to. Limited domestic and international flights have long posed a challenge for tourism growth in the area. Against this backdrop, Tetiaroa's luxurious destination blends luxury travel in the most pristine remoteness with sustainable tourism – boasting LEED Platinum certification for its carbon neutrality.

Tetiaroa's brand values, best expressed as 'luxury with a conscience', align fully with the values of its target market, as well as of those of French Polynesians. Our task was clear, to make the Polynesian word synonymous with environmentally-conscious luxury.

Tetiaroa palm treethe brando logothe waterfront logo

Weaving brand stories

Through unique storytelling, we developed a visual and verbal identity that speaks to the raw natural beauty of this unique island development while inspiring the narrative of the masterplan. This narrative helped all project stakeholders envision the Tetiaroa experience, inspiring the property's masterplan, with its floating restaurant in the lagoon and unique butler service. The conceptual platform we advanced helped attract future partners and investors. A series of visual marks that capture the essence of the hotel, the spa, the research centre and the residences were developed as part of the conceptual platform.

“Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe. It is really beyond the capacity of cinematography to translate. One could say that Tetia'roa is the tincture of the South Seas.”

Marlon Brando
the residences logomap of Tetiaroathe observatory logoTetiaroa beach
Photo by Sebastien Gabriel

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