Cabo Cortés

Inspiring the vision of an integrated resort community

Cabo Cortés is a world-class masterplanned community vision for the beautiful coast of Baja California. We designed and developed a comprehensive brand identity that reflects the unique Mexican culture of Baja and celebrates the rich nature that this area in the northern tip of Mexico has to offer.

Cabo Cortes logo detail
Cabo Cortes logo reversed

Exotic discovery

Blending luxury, nature and culture, we designed a logo that conjures up the very elements that make Cabo Cortés a unique destination: the lizard, the whale, the coral reef and the sun—all  characteristic of this area of Baja. The lizard, embodying the vitality of the desert. The sun, conveying the warmth of the land and its peoples. The whale, symbolizing the richness of marine life in the Sea of Cortés. The centre, a unifying element that reflects inclusivity and community. Coming together, all of these design elements echo the exotic discovery at Cabo Cortés.

Cabo Cortes print stationery
Cabo Cortes brochure spread
Cabo Cortes masterplan pagesCabo Cortes brochure presentation
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