Enhancing growth potential through strategic rebranding

Shift, a full-service residential interior design firm, was looking to attract an upmarket clientele as their business expanded. To achieve this, Persona executed a comprehensive rebrand, including a fresh positioning, refined visuals and messaging, as well as a new website. This elevated approach ensured effective engagement and communication with the target audience.

Shift stationery
Shift logo with tagline

What's in a name?

The name Shift embodies the potential for transformation, resonating with a positive commitment to self-improvement. It encapsulates the essence of striving for a better version of oneself — a narrative of wellness through spaces designed for self-betterment.

Shift project in-progress

Spaces play host to our lives, our thoughts, emotions and actions. A carefully designed space is a wellspring of renewal. Shift designs beautiful spaces that breed wellness and spur transformation.

Shift project imagery

The brand statement effectively captures Shift's core essence and the tangible benefit of its offering: a dedicated space for holistic well-being.

Shift Instagram posts
Shift kitchen designs

Influenced by modern architecture, a timeless colour palette takes on a minimalist approach. Its neutral backdrop directs focus towards Shift's portfolio. Paired with captivating photography, these tones create a tranquil and soothing presence, perfectly aligned with the core brand concept: space for wellness.

Shift project booklets

The logo is distinguished by the way it breathes, creating space. The changing arrangement of letterforms underscores the very essence of the brand: space. Its light and airy aesthetic evokes a sense of openness and well-being, embodying the concept of providing space for wellness.

Shift brochure folderShift brand bookShift office
Shift logo construction
Shift image composition

Revamped online presence

The new website elevates Shift's online presence by making the portfolio more accessible and visually appealing. Our comprehensive redesign is informed by two primary goals: enhancing user experience and infusing timeless elegance through UI design. An uncluttered structure and lean navigation helps streamline the user journey. This reorganization allows visitors to explore portfolio, services, and design philosophy in a much more intuitive manner.

Shift website on mobile
Shift mobile design
Shift mobile site showing staff member
Shift website homepage

Inspired by simplicity, we developed a refined design characterized by a spare use of space and a lean typographic structure. By adopting a minimalistic approach, we ensure that each element on the website has a purpose and contributes to the overall look and feel. This approach not only highlights Shift's design expertise, but also resonates with their commitment to refined aesthetics.

Shift layout image
Shift layout image with kitchen
Shift layout image of home
Shift layout image of project
Shift website project page
Shift website studio pageShift Press and awards page

Each project is presented with a focus on high-quality images and concise, engaging descriptions, effectively conveying Shift's expertise. The new website has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients and new visitors. The improved user experience led to a noticeable increase in user engagement, with a higher number of visitors spending more time on the website.

Shift website page detail
Shift kitchen

"Working with Javier has been a pleasure. His branding expertise is enlightening. Collaborating with him is both educational and a journey of self-discovery. With his guidance, I've reconnected with my core purpose and gained valuable insights into how I wish to present myself and my brand to the world. Grateful to Javier and his team for their unwavering leadership."

Jamie Deck — Shift

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