Helping a healthcare startup bring to market its flagship product

Beginning in 2015, healthcare startup Life360 partnered with Persona to develop and bring to market their first product, Contino – a medical device that helps men control urinary incontinence. The work we did together helped shape the many decisions that would follow.

Contino logoContino packaging presentationContino tagline

From minimum viable product to launch

We started by leading an in-depth discovery process designed to turn market insights into design-driven decisions—we wanted to transform customer understanding into business value. Getting deep into buyer personas and customer journeys, we clarified value propositions, laid down the DNA of the brand and built the framework for the go-to-market strategy. We worked with Life360 to architect a differentiated product-service offering with a marketable MVP and a highly scalable brand platform.
Contino strategy session
Contino customer journey

Healthcare is much more than a transactional exchange

Healthcare requires empathy. Early on, we envisioned a product-service mix we called the Contino Integrated Solution that introduced the product along with expert support from a network of Contino Trainers and Authorised partner Clinics. This value-adding partner network operates as an incentivised distribution channel facilitating customer engagement while promoting improved patient outcomes. Through the whole process we worked with the leadership team to develop CX strategy, define pricing and operating models, and design/implement initiatives to improve the overall experience for end customers as well as clinic partners.

grid of images Continocontino kit graphicContino fistContino service modelContino grid of imagesContino customericons used for continomarket psychographics continoContino clinic playbook

Shaping the customer experience

Working with our partner Intentions, we ran in-depth interviews to learn how urinary incontinence impacts the mental health of men. We developed strategy and design for both on-site and online experiences, mapping out touchpoints along the customer journey while planning and designing for new ones. The result is a frictionless experience that takes into account the functional needs of the customer with the emotional dimension of health.

Contino demographicscontino impact on healthContino marketcontino website wireframe
Contino brochure spread pagesContino brochure pagesContino brochure insides

Aligning brand with business

We developed an agile, scalable brand platform that promotes engagement with customers as well as investors and business partners. We wrote a brand book that establishes consistency and clarity, articulating brand essence, value proposition and promise. We established an intuitive brand architecture and laid down the core elements of the brand story.
Contino website intro
Contino site on cellphonecontino mobile website screen Contino on mobile

Scaling the brand platform

We developed new name and tagline: Contino— Contain the flow, get on with life™. A distillation of Contino's promise, the new name alludes to the assurance of continence, while the tagline highlights its proposition of value. Our holistic naming system unifies all product-service components under the brandmane, setting the expectation for a coherent brand experience. In addition to naming, we worked on content developing tone of voice as well as brand messaging and guidelines.
Contino cup of coffee comparison

A distinctive identity

We built a confident identity that leverages the familiar visual language of healthcare. Optimized to work across multiple platforms and scales, the Contino logo features customized letterforms that help it stand out. The sturdy geometric construction presents Contino as a trustworthy, smart and discreet medical device. To support the identity program, we developed a fresh and open typographic system that includes display and text typefaces. A colour palette that combines a calm deep blue with brighter tones conveying wellbeing and optimism. A series of illustrations and icons to signpost the attributes and benefits of the brand creating a coherent identity system that scales naturally and delivers a positive and hopeful tone of voice. In addition, our work also included a brand playbook for partner clinics, marketing and communications, tradeshow displays, instruction booklets and brochures for healthcare professionals and patients, adverts, ROI-focused social media and search engine campaigns.
Contino trade display Contino event graphics
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