Building a call to action from the Global South

Launched in 2020, the scalingXchange is an invitation to bring together researchers and innovators in the Global South to learn from their scaling experiences and share how to better support their efforts.

Industry: international development
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Scalingxchange landing page

Promoting engagement

With a content-driven community of researchers in mind, Persona designed new visual identity and multi language website for the scalingxchange. The main focus: to promote engagement and encourage discussion among researchers and innovators all over the world.

Scalingxchange website
mobile screen of Scalingxchange website
Scalingxchange website modules

Facilitating collaboration

Designed with a clear structure, intuitive navigation and improved readability, the new website offers a call-to-action — a list of eight actions to improve how funders, development agencies, researchers and innovators can work together to scale impact.

In order to invite further engagement, a Responses section collects and presents examples of how others around the world are responding to the call to action.

Section of Scalingxchange website
Authors of the Scalingxchange
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