Scaling Science

Scaling social impact for the public good

Scaling Science is an approach for designing, managing, and evaluating research for impact. A buzzword in international development, Scaling describes the process by which social impact is optimized. For organizations and individuals working to change the world for the better, scaling impact is a common goal and a well-founded aim.

Scaling Science logo by Persona
Scaling Science grid

Creating visual impact

Persona worked closely with Scaling Science co-author Robert McLean and his team at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, helping bring to life the Scaling Science approach in visual form. Our work helped introduce its concept to a global audience of research and government institutions, as well as academics, innovators, and the media at large.

Scaling Science exploration workScaling Science Playbook by Persona

Designing a launchpad for ideas

The visual identity platform created by Persona reflects the innovative thinking of Scaling Science with a bold, eye-catching visual language. The new system integrates a striking logomark with contemporary typography, a fresh colour palette and a suite of icons that serve to signpost and represent the guiding principles of its theoretical framework.

Scaling Science id guidelinesScaling Science logo guidelines
Scaling Science publication by Persona

Flexibility and ease

At the centre of the new identity is a logo mark that suggests the idea of multiple dimensions. By their proximity, connecting lines create the illusion of dimensionality, implying both context and space. The configurations that emerge from the underlying grid inform both the logo and the guiding principle icon series. With primary, secondary and additional shorthand logos, the new identity system provides a degree of flexibility and ease of implementation on different media.

Scaling Science logo constructionScaling Science leaflets

Visualizing information

The use of colour for encoding information helps establish a visual structure where, along with a set of figurative icons, the four guiding principles of Scaling Science come to life.

Scaling Science bookletScaling Science booklet AScaling Science bookletScaling Science booklet b
Scaling Science book detailScaling Science print

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