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Helping an independent theatre company find its voice

Based in Vancouver, Neworld Theatre is an independent theatre company that produces a diverse body of work. Its creative voice is bold, outspoken and very much concerned with the here and now. Their work is political and relevant, but in an overcrowded market new audiences wouldn't know it. We were ready to help.

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Steering change

Neworld had gone through a great deal of change and growth in the last few years, yet the brand had not evolved—it was no longer relevant and failed to communicate who they had become. Our initial work focused on clarifying their brand strategy. We ran a creative Discovery session, including a series of creative workshops. With the team fully engaged in the process, we zeroed in on value proposition analyzing strengths and weaknesses. We built a solid understanding of their situation while securing important stakeholder buy-in.

Neworld session

Igniting audiences

We started by repositioning Neworld as a different type of cultural organization—one with a new mission: to tell stories that ignite audiences. We built a brand that would give Neworld a platform to fulfill their mission. With an evolved language, the new brand is able to capture the essence of the company.

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Creating the visual & verbal language

The new brand voice is honest and authentic as it expresses how the company should sound, look and feel. Neworld tells the stories that others shy away from and they do it with humour and heart, pushing boundaries, with an open heart and a sense of curiosity. Our creative concept gives Neworld a blank canvas to shape their message. The new identity is flexible to expand without losing its spirit.

We also designed a new symbol that represents a burning brand – an X, a double slash – an ancient symbol for change and transformation. To X is to mark, and X is the mark. As part of the brand system, the new symbol serves as a playful, eye catching element that brings visual support to the overall identity

Neworld Icon

An organic identity

The new identity captures the ever-changing spirit of the company while presenting a consonant image. We provided the company with a creative capsule which they can use as a platform from which to evolve the visual language with new messaging.

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Neworld wall graphics

Bold and bright

At the heart of the identity system is a series of logos based on different messages and ideas that communicate something essential about the company and its 'storyteller' DNA. The  colour palette puts an emphasis on bold and vibrant. The new system uses the element of surprise with each logo.

Neworld cardsNeworld graphics

Coming to life

With the new brand identity, Neworld Theatre has a strong creative platform, one that allows multiple – even contradictory voices – to exist in the same conversation, in the same piece of work. It's as authentic a representation of their group as they had envisioned it to be. And, that has given the company a renewed confidence that had always been there, but now is able to come through with all of its creative energy.

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“We tell stories that are as complicated and contradictory as the enormously small country we live in. We tell stories that ignite audiences.”

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